The fallacy of 35mm "equivalent focal lengths"

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Re: Here's what I do

kiwi2 wrote:

Forgottenbutnotgone wrote:

gary0319 wrote:

… we banned this equivalence crap on the MFT forum.

Funny thing you feel that way, seeing that now you have to search for it in other forums rather than whatever "crap" piques your interest.

Most people who claim to hate equivalence don't hate it enough to stay away from it, but they think it's equivalence that is stupid.

Perhaps there is a better explanation.

I have a camera with a 35mm lens on it...

If I want a wider field of view then I put a lens with a shorter focal length on it. Any number less than 35 will give me a wider field of view.

Or if I wanted a narrower field of view then I would put a longer focal length on it. Any number greater than 35mm will give a me narrower field of view.

Likewise do you think someone using a Fuji GFX 50 needs to know the equivalence to a FF camera or some other sized MF camera? Does their f/speed suddenly change depending what other sized sensor they compare against?

See, that's not fair. I look at that photo and really, really want that camera and lens. So gorgeous.

Then I go to your Flickr album and look at the photos you've taken with it and I want it even more.

And I want to go to New Zealand again.

Not fair.

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