The fallacy of 35mm "equivalent focal lengths"

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Re: Here's what I do

pforsell wrote:

kiwi2 wrote:

I have a camera with a 35mm lens on it...

If I want a wider field of view then I put a lens with a shorter focal length on it. Any number less than 35 will give me a wider field of view.

Or if I wanted a narrower field of view then I would put a longer focal length on it. Any number greater than 35mm will give a me narrower field of view.

Likewise do you think someone using a Fuji GFX 50 needs to know the equivalence to a FF camera or some other sized MF camera? Does their f/speed suddenly change depending what other sized sensor they compare against?

I have three cameras with FourThirds sensor (Oly E-1, Leica DIgilux 3 and Leica D-Lux Typ 109), I also have 7 cameras with APS-C sensor and 6 cameras with a full frame sensor. I also have 50+ lenses I use with the cameras. Equivalence is a useful and an indispensable tool for me every day.

I can see that a user of a single camera and one lens feels no need for equivalence, but it doesn't mean that it still isn't very real and very important for some of us.

The fun thing about facts is that they remain true whether or not you can understand them. You should broaden your horizons and do less navel gazing. Your navel isn't the pivot of the universe.

Because you're the average DPR member.

So what do you do? Sit down with a calculator and all your lenses and camera bodies before photographing something to decide which lens and which body to use on that particular scene?

Seriously, how does it work?

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