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Led Zeppelins Actually Fly wrote:


Similar questions have been asked many times previously, and yet, I’m in the market for a 24-70ish zoom. I have an A7RII and an odd assortment of lenses, all primes (Minolta 55/1.7, Canon FD 50/1.4, Helios 58/2.0, and a Sony 100/2.8 STF that I got a deal on). I primarily shoot photos of my family indoors in my dark house (it’s old and it will continue to be poorly lit). I also will take several hundred photos while traveling and when walking around town. I love the Canon and Minolta and the Sony is great in good light and for portraiture, but I need something that’s flexible and will autofocus quickly. I value sharpness and bokeh more than focal length, but having the reach to 105 would be nice. I honestly think my house might be too dark for f4.

Here are the options:

1) Tamron 28-75

2) Sony 24-105

3) Sony 24-70/2.8

4) Canon 24-70/2.8 II on an MC-11

Thoughts are greatly appreciated.

2) Tamron 28-75 f2.8

But if it's too dark for f4, it's going to be too dark for f2.8. I'm using yongnuo flash on camera hot shoe with small flashbender on it for such cases.

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