The fallacy of 35mm "equivalent focal lengths"

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bjn70 wrote:

I think the average person is happy to just consider equivalence with respect to field of view. That's what I think of. If I'm shooting an APS-C sensor then I've already accepted the difference in depth of field, but my brain is programmed to think in terms of what focal length on 35mm gives the field of view that I want, so now that I am using an APS-C camera I want to know what lens to use to achieve the field of view that I want.

Trying to compare a 36mp sensor with a 24mp sensor or less, or lenses of varying quality, is beyond the lens equivalence. I gather that there are people on these forums still using a D700, so there are APS-C cameras and even cameras with smaller sensors that will outresolve a D700.

I've read a bit here about depth of field equivalence and while I understand the basic concept I don't worry too much about it.

Even if you add in the concept of DOF equivalence it still isn't that difficult. I feel that the OP is way off in the weeds talking about the concept of "equivalence" covering all this other stuff. It's simply a way to compare the field of view and the DOF of different formats. The fact that larger formats are going to produce better quality kind of goes without saying and it has absolutely nothing to do with what most people talk about when they talk about equivalence....

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