The fallacy of 35mm "equivalent focal lengths"

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Re: The fallacy of 35mm "equivalent focal lengths"

ThrillaMozilla wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

Pixel Pooper wrote:

What are these "other aspects" of the focal length?

Aperture size mainly. With the big jump from a 1/1.7" format to 35mm format diffraction limitations from the smaller aperture play a role as well.

Now I know you didn't read the link I sent you,

With all the superfluous posts you have made to this thread you could have easily summarized it by now.

where exactly this is discussed. You might want to know what equivalence is before you claim it's a fallacy.

I understand equivalency, and claiming that two different focal lengths with different actual apertures sizes ignores equivalence and is just so much marketing without any real relevance other than to tell you how wide an AOV will be available with a lens used on a particular camera.

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