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Rodger1943 wrote:

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Rodger1943 wrote:

Impressive images, Richard. I also have a red dot sight to help track fast fliers, like swallows.

A red dot sight would be a welcome addition. One feature that the RX10 IV does have that helps is the lens button that provides information about the zoomed image within the context of a 24mm view.

The next couple of weeks, I'm putting my Fuji X-T3 to the test re BIF. To date the Sony still is my go to for BIF. Would love to be convinced that the Fuji AF can be competitive as I'd love the 840mm reach (with a 100-400 and a 1.4x TE). Here are some relatively recent captures:


From looking at your Flickr images you seem to be getting excellent BIF with the Fuji with a smaller lens, so why do you think you can't with a longer one? I will say that the RX10 M4 does give great results for BIF, but I have heard nothing but good about the Fuji cameras and lenses.

People should be able to capture good BIF pics with just about any camera, it's more a question of the number of keepers per session. Shooting with the XT3/55-200 has been a bit of a struggle for me (which has been a surprise), but I've no doubt that I'll be able to increase the % keepers with time. For me, shooting with longer lenses tends to be more of an AF tracking challenge vs shorter focal lengths, therefore my comment about concerns with the 100-400/1.4x TE.

I'm yet to be convinced that the XT3 keeper rate will even come close to what I get with the RX10 IV. I am however excited about the possibility of the 840mm reach and images that hold up better to cropping.

Overall, Fuji cameras are a joy to shoot with. The RX10 IV is also a  treat....easily the best bridge zoom camera ever made and a spectacular camera for taking pictures of BIF.

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