OMD EM5 III features to be competitive (part II)

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Re: OMD EM5 III features to be competitive (part II)

TomFid wrote:

mchnz wrote:

Some of the stuff mentioned here sounds about as useful as a cupholder

What I'd settle for:

  1. They need to keep the bling and build quality: OM-2 slim styling (no E-M1 II chunkyness/love-handles), metal detailed dials (not like the cheap-looking plastic on on the E-M1 II), metallic detailing on buttons, clean crisp lines.

Bling is useful?

Perhaps "bling" is the wrong word, but they need to keep the OM-2 heritage. Small, clean, robust, quality. The E-M5, E-M5 II, and Pen-F all have styling based on past successes, and I think those aesthetics are still valued by some - especially in their home market (the most important one, the one that seems to dictate).

Being pleasing to pick up and use is useful (otherwise it's likely to stay home in a drawer).

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