Vastly different color in Lightroom vs Desktop, etc on BenQ SW2700PT

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Vastly different color in Lightroom vs Desktop, etc on BenQ SW2700PT

I have a situation that has been stumping me but I'm sure there is an easy enough explanation out there.

I just purchased a new BenQ SW2700PT monitor to use with my Dell Inspiron 7577 Gaming laptop for photo editing.

I hooked it up via HDMI and installed the drivers that came with the monitor, then used the in-monitor color adjustments to tweak the display slightly.

I have both sRGB and aRGB color modes set up (this monitor allows two custom profiles that you can save and swap between, as well as several factory-set profiles), with the display white balance tweaked just a little bit from out-of-box.

It has not yet been calibrated using the Palette Master software, or an external colour calibrating device such as the X-Rite or Spyder calibrators. (I don't yet have one though I plan to get one soon)

Images viewed on the desktop, in Photos (Windows 10's equivalent to Photo Viewer), Paint, and Internet Explorer are all perfectly matched and look FANTASTIC.

The exact same file, when viewed in Lightroom, Photoshop, or Chrome, have an ugly green cast and look dull in comparison.

Why am I getting these differences, and what can I do to fix it??

This discrepancy shows up no matter what color space I use on my monitor and remains even if I re-save the file in different color spaces.

Clearly I cannot use this monitor to edit photos in Lightroom and Photoshop if they are going to look completely different on export. *baffled*

And if I tweak the monitor so that it looks "right" in Lightroom and Photoshop, then my desktop and everything else I do on my computer is going to look garish and radioactive.

Can anyone explain what is going on here and how to fix it so that everything displays correctly?

Additional Note: If I click and drag Lightroom from my laptop screen over to my BenQ screen, it pulls over looking perfect, THEN when I let go of it, it registers with the BenQ and changes to the muddy green cast.

All programs display the image exactly the same on my laptop screen (though not as nice since my laptop screen is lacking in its rendering of blues and greens). This has got to be some kind of difference in the way these particular programs talk to this particular BenQ monitor.

I have provided a photo of the screen showing this effect for reference, and also a screenshot using a different photo that shows the exact same file in every program I mentioned.

Screenshot from my current 2 screen display (BenQ on the left, my Dell laptop screen on the right)

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