The fallacy of 35mm "equivalent focal lengths"

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Re: Even though you're right, you're actually wrong

Lee Jay wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

When I crop, my 35mm-equivalent FOV

Even a lens used on 35mm format can have its equivalent FOV changed. The issue then becomes how much latitude you have in doing that. Compared to my S95, my 50mm f/1.8D lens just became a 50mm-150mm equivalent lens.

No way.

This is the previously shown crop from the S95 taken at 22.5mm ("105mm focal length equivalent") next to a crop from the the NIKKOR 50/1.8D using my D800; both at 100%.

You'll lose 8/9ths of your pixel count if you crop that much.

More megapixels isn't what the S95 needs -- even at about double the MP its lens simply won't resolve as much detail as what the NIKKOR 50/1.8D resolves on my D800. Thus, if the lens on the S95 is a "28-105mm focal length equivalent" then (as I said and have now shown you) my NIKKOR 50/1.8D on my D800 is a "50-150mm focal length equivalent."

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