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Rich Z
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Re: Various and Sundry

Thank you, Dave.

I must admit I've not sat on the bench.  It's just over a half mile walk and if I sit after that distance I'll stiffen up like a corpse.  Also I haven't the padding....in that area.

I, sir, have owned 2 Peugeots.  Both were 404 diesels.  Both with proper transmissions, too.  I got the first one because some fool let it overheat.  They ignored the huge red flashing light in the instruments.  I got lots of special interest cars in L.A. when owners didn't maintain them and didn't want to pay to fix them.

The old Peugeot diesel was pure industrial, each cylinder came out separately, called wet liners.  I fixed it and drove it...very slowly.  I bought the second Pewgoat because parts kept failing on the first Pewgoat, so I needed a parts car.

I finally traded both to some fool with brain damage.  He gave me a Triumph Bonneville with only a damaged countershaft sprocket for them.  That's how I know he was brain damaged.

Grits?  Grits are like country  music to me.  I like it, but I don't like being among many of the types who partake of it.  I do love the country music of The 1950s, but I listen with headphones so nobody will know.  Rich

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