New Tripod Advice with Fluid head - Sachtler

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New Tripod Advice with Fluid head - Sachtler

Camera I currently use is Canon 5DmkIV.

I been wanting a new tripod for many years, I have a very cheap Aluminium Manfrotto tripod (290? i think) witch a upgraded magnesium ball head, the tripod is crap, the ball head Is very good.

I have used many other peoples tripods and not been impressed, seems mainly most photography type are aimed at weight saving and easy to carry, but I’m not a landscape photographer so weight doesn’t matter as much.  So when I see prices of been £500-£1500 and they all of kinda the same its never made me willing to spend the money tbh.

however I do require a new tripod as I keep getting vibrations that ruin shots, so my back is against the wall now.

I recently was on a shoot and the film crew had a spare tripod they said I could use which was a Sachtler Flowtech 75mm ball head carbon fiber thing, I was blown away by it, made every tripod I ever used before look like a half arsed attempt... its around £900 so I was actually suprised as I was expecting £3k or something stuipd...

I never used the central column on my tripod as it just made the camera so unstable, first time using a 75mm bowl tripod made allot more sense for me, really opened my eyes.

Second thing I tried was a fluid head, doing very little video work but would like to do more, the FSB-10 head (with my camera on look hilarious btw) was another item I didn’t realise I would like so much while taking photos (even though massively overkill).

so I’m looking to buy a Flowtech 75mm with fsb-4 fluid head for my baby dslr, This tripod also future proofs me.

couple of questions, can you buy a 75mm bow to normal adaptor so I can use my ballhead still?

Fsb 4 a good option? Or fsb6?

What l-bracket setups can I run?

Does anyone else use fluid heads for photography? I found I was likey to move the tripod up and down with the fast brake system and easier to frame my shots with fluid head etc.

future plans are to get a cine camera so this is not overkill for my plans, just for now lol

advice much appreciate.

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