What are your innovative ideas of camera bodies?

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Re: Constant Brightness Exposure Mode

TacticDesigns wrote:

Winlaf wrote:

Fuji exec just said that the market is shrinking because of lack of innovation.

I think it is due to most Japanese (or big) companies are conservative.

What are your innovative ideas of camera bodies?


  • Android system
  • Film simulation like fuji x or vsco)
  • Importing presents like lightroom app
  • 360 degree built-in flash for little bouncing


How about a "Constant Brightness Exposure Mode".

I asked about whether this type of exposure mode existed in any camera. But no one was able to say it did.


You dial in an aperture, shutter and ISO.

And then, as one of the settings changes, one or both of the other settings change in order to maintain the same end brightness as you originally picked.

I would find this exposure mode useful for shooting gymnastics or cheer with a variable aperture lens.

I have f/2.8 constant aperture zooms that I use for gymnastics and cheer.

The nice thing about having the constant aperture zooms is that I can set-it-and-forget-it.

I pick my settings (ISO 6400, f/4, 1/500sec for instance for cheer) and then no matter where I zoom, the settings remain the same.

But . . . if I toss on a variable aperture lens, as I zoom, the max aperture changes as I zoom. So it may be f/3.5 at the wide end, but if I zoom in a bit, it drops to f/4. So . . . if I am shooting manual exposure and the shutter speed and ISO remain constant, the image ends up getting underexposed.

It would be nice if as I zoomed and the aperture ratio changed, that I could just tell the camera to change either the shutter speed and/or ISO in order to maintain the same end brightness of the image. So in my case with gymnastics or cheer, I could tell the camera to change the ISO. In which case, as I zoom in with a variable aperture lens, the ISO would change in order to maintain the same end brightness of the image.

!!! This is different than using auto ISO. The difference is that I am manually choosing how bright I want the image to be at the end. Using auto ISO means I am getting the camera to choose the brightness.

The reason there is a difference is the potential of backlighting which can happen in gymnastics, and often happens in cheer.

If I just use auto ISO, then when the bright spot lights start flashing on and off behind the cheer athletes, my camera (because it is auto ISO) will under expose the picture and the faces of the athletes will be underexposed.

If I can pick the brightness I want manually, I can pick a brightness for the faces of the athletes . . . and the camera has a pre-determine target of EV + ISO to hit.

Here is an example of a cheer shot that really requires manual exposure.


For most of the performance, those lights in the back remain off.

But for the last few seconds of the performance, the back lights start flashing on and off seemingly randomly.

If I had auto ISO on, this shot would be underexposed.

Shooting a constant aperture zoom lens, this shot is easy.

Shooting this with a variable aperture lens is more problematic.

But that problem could be overcome with a "Constant Brightness Exposure Mode."

Take care & Happy Shooting!

This sound a lot like how Program mode works on most cameras. But it seems more like you want a light metering mode that you can lock onto a selectable part of the scene and that then follow that part until you select something else to lock on.

Maybe a face detection metering mode if it is only faces you want to lock metering on.

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