What happened to my photo?

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What happened to my photo?

I'm new here and some strange things happened today. So i have this picture where i stand next to my father:


And we printed this image out a few months ago onto simple photopaper and put it in my parent's room. Here's what my mom showed me today what happened to the picture:


And i was like what. First of all it's like somone or something painted my beard to white and drew a mustache also lol. It's not photoshop i swear! Also it's not paint because i touched it and it seems like the white-ish thing is the paper's color, but at a closer look it seems like someone scratched the paper you can see it if you zoom in a bit, on my father's arm (you can also see it on my glasses and hair). Also notice the bottom of the picture, and it's like a fingerprint like shape at my stomach.

Now we printed several pictures on to the same kind of paper and the other's not changed at all. This is the only picture that changed, also it happened from yesterday to today, because last week/day it looked normal also.

So any ideas what the heck happened? Only three of us living in our house (my parents and me). Nobody touched the picture it was just at the top of the desk. Nobody visited us that could touch it. Also my parents said they not touched it and i not see why they would lie to me lol (i not touched it either since it was in their room).

If it is some natural thing that caused it why not changed the other pictures too that are in the same room next to this picture (and also the same photopaper)?

I say it again the image not photoshopped or altered in any way we only printed it a few months ago and not even touched it since.

So any ideas? : O

the above picture more zoomed in:




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