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Various and Sundry

Random pictures assorted.

Waling along The Waterfront Trail.  What can that be?

Artist Diego Harris created this steam engine bench.

There are other works of art created and placed especially to enhance the trail.

I just can't stop making pix of this old bridge over Eureka Slough.

It is part of the Humboldt Bay trail connecting with The Waterfront Trail in Eureka.

I was headed to The South Jetty to walk out on it today.  We're between storms.  The next one is a day or so out there off British Columbia.  At the South end of Eureka I drove up on Humboldt HIll to have a look.

The Pacific looks nice and flat and the weather is nice, but the South edge of the storm is pushing currents here.

Not today.

I drove up on Table Bluff instead.  This view caught my eye and I stopped for a pic.

This is what happens when you attempt to climb a hill in a Pewgoat.

This one couldn't make it, blew up and dismembered itself.

I know it looks like a 51 Chevy, or  maybe a Pontiac, but it smells of Gauloises, cheap burgundy and paraffin.  You can't mistake that.

Pewgoats bloat as the decompose, much like a carp, that's why it looks too big.

This one was a rare 2 door sedan, rare because they don't last long.

From June, 2008 with E330 and ZD 14 54.

This illustrates why I choose to live here.

With nuts like the person who created this running around, I seem fairly normal.

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