a99II 4 hrs continuous video - No overheat warning.

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a99II 4 hrs continuous video - No overheat warning.

A fun little A-Mount post for those who care to know.

First, I have two a99II bodies and four lenses in to Sony Pro Support repair at the moment. (Will report on that later)... Some things getting worked on, some things just being cleaned. Since Sony supports A-Mount, they sent me two loaner a99II bodies until mine are repaired.

Well, like any good monkey, I need to test them out before shooting. I've gotten good long recording times with this method before, but I never took it this far, until now. There are various combinations which I've tested. But this is the longest running method I've found. BTW... this four hour continuous 4K recording came directly after multiple 2-3 hour recordings testing different methods. In effect, with the proper setup, the camera can go on for as long as you need. Testing constantly for past two days.

This longest time is a99II combined with Atomos Shogun Flame, and a99II plugged into wall socket with AC power adapter. It was also running full two channel audio from the XLR adapter and wireless transmitter. I've found that puts an extra load on the system.

Here's where I hit the 4hr mark... Longest ever for me... Not even an overheat warning.

Remember a99II outputs 10bit 4:2:2 HDMI. Good stuff without worry.

Cool running with full audio. Camera gets warm, but never hot. Got to love the dedicated AC power tap on A-Mount. A very robust legacy Minolta connection (like the remote port) that doesn't interfere with using USB video remote. Nice you can leave battery in camera as a backup. If the power goes out, the camera battery will take over (albeit with a 2 second blip). Runs cooler with no battery in camera.

Cheap AC adapter I used this one.

The Atomos batteries were going dead. Could have hot swapped and kept going uninterrupted.

Nice it uses old school Sony NP batteries, shared with my video lights, and all share the same chargers as the A-Mount camera batteries. Life is good that way.

Ok, here's the skinny on the optional setups. I can accomplish close to the same as shown above but instead of plugging into wall, use the Paul Buff Vagabond Extreme. Can get 2.5 hours continuous 4K. It's not as seamless as it seems though. For some reason, after about two hours, everything will sometimes shut down, even though the pack reads fully powered still. On/off brings it back to life again. But there is a little blip. When using the Vagabond Extreme, I like to take all the cards and battery completely out of the camera. Seems to run longer that way. And I'll generally leave the camera LCD turned inward and off, so not to add any extra drain.

Can also get extended record times up to 80 minutes with just the camera battery installed. Ensure the battery is newer fresh. Limitations are generally because of battery going dead. And in the most rare circumstance, it can give overheat warning even when going straight to the Atomos. Use a good camera battery, and I find it works best with just one single battery in camera rather than double battery grip power. It doesn't like to make the transfer very well. With this method, it's best to take the cards completely out of camera, and perhaps leave the door open.

But with the AC adapter plugged into wall socket, as shown in setup above, I can leave LCD out and on, with cards in camera, but bypassing them and writing only to Atomos. Recording shutdowns due to overheating get progressively worse when camera writes to internal cards, even as backup to the Atomos.

But there are many other benefits to the Atomos recording. The ability to record ProRes 422 (or Light or HQ) brings a greater boon. The editing is literally real time 10X faster with 10 bit 4:2:2 directly from the Atomos drive than it is in lower quality 8 bit 4:2:0 codec from Sony.

I'll use the built in Sony system for quicky run and gun short clips. But for longer higher quality clips, the Atomos/a99II combo is higher quality and more reliable.

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