iPhone XS/Topaz AI Gigapixel quick test

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Re: iPhone XS/Topaz AI Gigapixel quick test

jack scholl wrote:

First a iPhone XS 2x shot . . . 12.7 MP

Then a crop of the original iPhone file . . . 1.4 MP

Finally, a AI Gigapixel 4x file from the iPhone crop . . . 23.4 MP

Interestingly, there was very little IQ difference the using Topaz on the crop or the original of the iPhone file and the speed difference was noticeable.

Isn't that exactly what you'd expect? A crop is just a portion of the full image, so other than at the extreme edges, the IQ should be identical. If it's processing only a tenth as many pixels, it shouldn't take much more than 10% of the time. On my machine, a small crop takes about 10 secs, but full size 20mp RX100 images take about 130 seconds.

Looks like more tele shots are possible with the iPhone and Topaz. Future digital photography could be very interesting . . .

Well, they may look nice, but there's no actual extra data. So it's natural looking, but fake. However, the added pixels do look more realistic than the usual geometric interpolations, as the software is trying to take into account the type of scene, rather than just applying formulae.

What's clear from my tests is that it's a lot better than digital zooms like CIZ. I think it's also better to apply AIG to good quality, clean RAW images, not compressed JPEGs with nasty artefacts. You don't want those magnifying!

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