?: Not quite understanding the Exposure Simulation EVF

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?: Not quite understanding the Exposure Simulation EVF

Hi Everyone,

This is my first real shooting day with my Nikon Z7 and the first mirrorless camera Ive ever used. I cant believe how much I enjoy the smaller size and weight coming from a D3, D850, both with grips, and also now using the smaller 24-70 S lens.

Ive been searching in the manual, online and forums to try to understand the Exposure Simulation in the EVF and I cant seem to find an answer to my question. Maybe because its very obvious and I just don't understand it.

Anyway, here is my question...

I have the setting in CUSTOM SETTING MENU d. Shooting/Display d.8 Apply Settings to live view set to "ON"

When I am in M mode it works great. As I change a setting I can see the affect in the EVF. However, when Im in S or A Mode the EVF display does not change. It looks the same unlike in M mode.

Now I understand that, for example, when Im in S mode and I change to a faster shutter speed that the camera will adjust the aperture to compensate and will thus show a correct exposure in the EVF which would cause the simulation to be the same as before the adjustment. However, when I raise the shutter speed to a level at which the camera cannot open the aperture any wider, i.e. 1/2000th and f/4, the EVF still shows a bright image. I would think that at this particular setting the EVF, if set to exposure simulation, would be darker than it was previously. With my DSLRs the display would show "lo" to indicate that you have reached a shutter speed at which the aperture cannot be opened wide enough to allow for a correct exposure.

I did notice that when in S or A Mode that when the exposure +/- button is used that  the EVF will show that change in exposure visually in the EVF.

Im sure Im probably missing something pretty easy here, but I just cant seem to figure/understand. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much and best to you always,


Nikon D3 Nikon D850 Nikon Z7
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