Your experience trading in used equip to B&H/Adorama

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Trade-in experience at Adorama has been very difficult

I shipped a few cameras and lenses to Adorama a month a ago. In my initial call with them, they said that they est. $4000 (I assume retail) for the value of my equipment. I optimistically thought that meant that they might offer $2800 (70% of $4K). I know that was way too much optimism.

After waiting 2 weeks with no communication, I called them and found out that they had in fact already evaluated my equipment. They offered $2100 if I wanted a check and about $2300/2400 for a trade.

After some quick conversations with a sales guy, I declined the trade-in offer and said that I wanted my equipment shipped back. He said "okay" and told me that I'd hear from Mr. Gold (a manager in the used department I think?). This was last Sunday.

No word from Mr. Gold. I sent multiple e-mails/voicemails to Adorama this week that have gone unanswered. Maybe my equipment will arrive in the mail today but I have no idea. If they still have it, I feel like they're holding it hostage. As stated above, it's now a month since I shipped it out. I know that they look at thousands of cameras/lenses each week and I guess I've been lost in the shuffle. Overall - I'm very frustrated.

Lesson learned - I'll sell it on my own - if I ever see it again - or will go to my local camera store where I know I'll get a lot less.

Thanks for allowing me to rant.

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