Move on from Pentax or upgrade the body only?

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Re: Move on from Pentax or upgrade the body only?

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I am facing a dilemma of sorts. I currently have the following: K200D, DA*-16-50mm, DA* 50-135mm and the Sigma EX 50-500mm APO DG. I also have the Pentax AF-360 flash unit. I have a complete system basically. My dilemma is what to do. These are the questions I have.

1. Should I sell my entire system? If so, what is the best way to do it. Does anyone here have any experience with companies that buy your used gear from you (like B&H or Adorama for example)? Maybe a private sale would through eBay, ,etc. would be best?

2. Just get a new Pentax body? I really want a modern DSLR with a fully articulating screen. I have noticed that Ricoh doesn't have many cameras anymore to choose from on their website?

Currently, my reasoning is this: I can sell or trade my whole Pentax setup, and get a new DSLR kit with a couple lenses. I realized that I don't even use my 50-135 to speak of anymore, much less the huge "Bigma" as it was called back in the day. Do you have any good, sound advice? I could I suppose, just sell or trade in the 50-135 and 50-500 for a new camera body maybe? But then, I just don't know. I hate all this second guessing I do! If I were to just sell or trade all of my gear, would that be a sound choice? I have been looking online at Canon and Nikon kits that come with a 18-55 and 70-300mm range telephoto, and have the fully articulating screen. My concern is that I don't want to take a step backwards, but on the other hand, my K200D is old, and surely about any new DSLR would be a huge improvement?

I am in a similar situation. Presently with K5ii that I love and the most used lens I have is 18-135. Then the occasional 100/f2.8 macro and the primes.However, 80% of my shots are in the 18-60 range.

I am planning to sell all except the K5ii/18-135, this will be my Pentax kit.
Then go for Z6/EOSR/S1 .. probably by Black friday. By that time there should me some more lens choices
Next one will definitely be a FF

These FF cameras have f4 lenses that I like...not as heavy as f2.8 but faster thanf 5.6
I will be perfectly happy with a 24-105/f4..perhaps Nikon comes up with one. Nikon's images are very much Pentax like

I never considered getting a full frame Pentax, or other brand. I do have a large collection of beautiful Pentax Takumar lenses up to 500mm, that I am sure would be amazing on a new full frame. The problem is the cost, I am not loaded lol.


For the money no other camera comes close.

Fully articulated LCD screen is brilliant for astro, I can even use a table micro tripod and set it inches above the ground, rocks, walls.

It has the red LCD mode for night vision, star streaming, mirror lockup remote bracketing etc. etc. The feature list is insane and I'm still learning it.

Has a superb sensor, high ISO performance is great. Can auto-focus in dark rooms, K-30 used to hunt.

Built-in flash GN12 was a must have for me and I already have the astrotracer module to track the stars.

Oiche, a small correction or maybe call it a pet peeve of mine but you do not "have the astrotracer module" in the physical sense.  You have the GPS unit (O-GPS1) which has as a primary function to record geographic location in your photos.

It has the additional use of enabling the Astrotracer function in the camera which uses geographic location from the GPS, north direction (from the magnetic compass), relative direction from the orientation sensor and focal length information to move the sensor (movement also used for IBIS, horizon correction, composition adjustment, etc.) to compensate for the earth's rotation during long exposures so that you get sharp, point stars, not streaks.

I know what you meant though, I guess your head was lost in the stars

Part of the point here is that Pentax includes a lot of interesting functions / capabilities in their cameras.  For example when you use the GPS unit you can see the location of your photos on a map such as GeoLocator which also shows the direction the camera was pointing and the field of view on the map.  It helps if you want to identify the tower or mountain peak that you see in your photo!

If the OP takes photos outside for work purposes then the GPS could be useful to record location.


Has pixel-shift too, to get this in other brands costs big money.

Simply the best pound for pound landscape/nightscape/astro APS-C camera there is 😉

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