Canon 100d vs 80d for single servo, one shot, center AF point

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Canon 100d vs 80d for single servo, one shot, center AF point

I only shoot this way for street and travel. It's how I like to shoot, simple as possible.

I ONLY use the VF

Now the 100d and 24mm STM are great in good light but on even cloudy days in decent light the AF is quite poor and don;t get me started on how it can be when inside!

I wonder if the 80d centre point will give better AF performance in dull light and inside with my same lens?

I know the 100d centre point is only cross type f2.8 and -0.5 EV and the 80d is F2.8, DUAL cross type and down to -3 EV

But a cloudy day in daylight is within the 100d centre point working range no?

Would there be a noticeable difference?

I guess inside like galleries and museums there should be a difference?

Also the metering tech is newer in the 80d so perhaps that can effect AF...?

There's a bunch of info here, anyone experienced both cameras, or same AF sysetms in other canon crop cameras, please chime in.

I will keep the 100d for sunny days due to size and my love for the camera.

But I need something else for all other times essentially.

Am also considering the M5 due t size but the 80d AF seems better still?


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