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Moving on the +/-

As many would know, I was a regular member of this forum having used Pentax for a decade.

I shifted state, jobs and life, suspended weddings for now, sold my high end Pentax gear including K1, dfa 70 200 etc, but since purchased a used D800, lenses plus a studio lighting kit.

So, what is it like on the dark side? ... a little scary but good.

Quite simply, for basic walk around photography, landscape etc, the files from Pentax are brilliant. I've spent a decade getting to know my gear and can squeeze some darn good files from even my old battered k3. The k5iis was my all time favourite.

Sensor stabilisation is awesome.

Pentax menus are simple.

No AA filter gives detailed files.

18-135 is most underrated lens when you know how to use it. New 55-300 lens would be similar.

Pentax colours are very nice.

Every brand produces nice lenses optically, but AF is where things started coming undone for me.

The D800 has similar sensor to K1, but so far the lens I've been using hasn't done it justice but I'd suggest k1 files are somewhat cleaner and I'm spending some time adjusting to Nikon colours in PP.

Getting used to Nikon menus is.... interesting and will pretty much be a time to get used to issue.

Some of the buttons are easier to use, some are more fidgety..... 50/50

AF and general snappy performance... Nikon 100%. It just feels the more pro gear and I'm looking for a D750 next.

Lens choice is a no brainer. I've got access to far more high end lenses with Nikon. In fact low mileage used anything is readily available and it brings the whole cost of system issue to a .... non issue. It's been a cheap exercise so far.

Has the change been what I thought? Pretty much.

I've learnt to get very good files with Pentax and initially I'll say they're actually a bit better, but

Getting certain images in the first place was difficult with Pentax limitations even with k1 and d fa 70 200. That combo had stunning IQ but was a huge  heavy expensive beast that still couldn't deliver decent pro level AF. It felt like an oversized version of another mega optic, the 50-135.

I'll hang onto the k3, because I have a grip, flash and 18-135 which is a killer low cost, lower mp option for weddings and functions at night.

..... oh yeah, Pentax flash p-ttl and bounce is very very good.

So, for the average walkabout user, landscaper and the odd foray into some parallel action shooting and those that know how to use their gear with precision... stick with what you have, Pentax files are some of the best in the business.

For me, I'll enter a parallel universe and wrap my head around a new menu and function system for a while....

Nikon D750 Nikon D80 Nikon D800 Pentax K-1 Pentax K-5
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