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Went to buy a Z6, left disappointed

Have a D750, been waiting for Nikon to go mirrorless. I LOVE my D750, favorite camera I've ever had, except the video part. I almost ordered the Z6 online, had it in the cart and was filling out the billing info and thought, I'll go look in person, I have nothing else going on, that way I get it today! Worth paying the taxes, right?

I was instantly disappointed as soon as the camera was handed to me. The grip...., what a HORRIBLE feeling. My D750 has the best grip ive ever felt, maybe I'm spoiled but what did my fingers just jam into? Buttons? Are you kidding me. This is/was the most uncomfortable grip I've ever held, I was SHOCKED. I played with it and played with it and I just couldn't get over it.

I asked to see a Sony A7iii, much much more comfortable, no buttons jamming into my fingers. If I wanted a Sony, I would have bought one YEARS ago. Lenses are to expensive for a hiking hobbyist like myself or I would have pulled the trigger long ago. I compare the two for like an hour. The Nikon wins with touch screen, adapter, screen size, EFV, I am sure I will like the future lenses and prices of Nikon better, already like the kit lens better. I just could not pull the trigger on the Z6. Same thing as my D750 with a much, much worse grip but way better video. THEN, the sales guy tells me, I'll sell you a brand new A7rIII for 2500.00, they are on sale. whoa, I came here to spend 2500.00 on a Nikon. Yeah, I have a few Nikon lenses but nothing marrying me to the system. I prefer Native lenses anyway, that's the point right. But 2500 plus 200.00 for the lens is only 200.00 more than I expected to spend for what I think is way more camera (havnt even researched the A7riii but I'm about to) but I do not like Sony lens price.

Then, to add to the confusion, I asked to see the new Canon's. The DR has always kept me away but I'd be lying if I wasn't jealous of the lenses Canon has. Seems like they always had better value than Nikon. I held the R and the RP and wow, they felt better than both the Sony and the Nikon. Canon wasn't even a contender, on paper but holding it, they felt great, very comfortable. The 24-105 lens, yummy. The flip screen, oh yeah! Not so much for selfie videos but to protect the screen when I stick it in my back pack. Love the flip screen.

What did I buy? Nothing, I didn't even plan on looking at the sony or canon. I expected to hold the Z6 and say yup, can you match this deal blah blah blah and walk home with it. I'm not sure I can get over the grip. Did anyone else have this horrible feeling holding the Z6/Z7? I now having to thoroughly research the Sony A7riii vs these new canons, I have a feeling I might be switching from Nikon which is a shame. The Z6 screen, EVF and the rest looks dang nice!

Nikon D750 Nikon Z6
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