*** Challenge #277 - A Teaching Moment - RESULTS ***

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*** Challenge #277 - A Teaching Moment - RESULTS ***

Thanks to all who submitted this unique challenge. I certainly had a few chuckles.

As there weren't that many submissions, everyone gets a prize, but there is one winner! In no particular order, here's the results:

Best "Reinterpretation of the Challenge Title" by Old Greenlander

A fine photo overall. Subject and composition are great. My one nitpick would be the dark shadow on the birds - Animals never seems to want to cooperate with lighting. I'm trying to picture Old Greenlander saying, "You see son, this is how you do it!"

Best "Your Gear Does Matter" by CGS11

So close and great idea! I've never attempted something like this, but a worthy attempt. No guarantees that more FPS would get this shot, but it would certainly help.

Best "Looks Fine to Me" by TomS53

The sky looks amazing! An example where something can still work if we Just don't pixel peep. Also, I like the contrast and snow(?) on the mountains. Gives it an almost abstract or surreal feeling. A good reminder to zoom to 100% in on that image finder when checking!  (I have my OK button mapped to do that immediately)

Best "I Blame it on Ghosts" by Bryan267

I actually like the exposure here. The contrast with the lighting and 100% black background give this picture one of those spooky feelings. I blame the focus on ghosts... PS. Welcome to the forums

Best "Where's Waldo" by Damnerd

Has anyone ever made a picture book of animals hiding in their natural habitat? As a city slicker, I can't imaging stalking wild animals - you can't just walk up to a buck and say "Can I take your picture?". At 500mm, it's probably a pretty good track if it's this small and still an ant in the frame. Much props to wildlife photographers who bring images to our fingertips. Thanks for sharing.

The Winner - Fastest Shooter by TripleC

Ride on cowboy - A great reminder that composition is important! You can also take your time on a still life - why is your shutter speed (and iso) so high?That being said, the angle at this focal length does a great job of distorting the image and implying motion. If you pulled back and got more of the image, I actually think you would lose some of that.

Again, thanks to all who shared images.   Sharing is learning is how we all grow as photographers.  And special congrats to TripleC -  you get to pick the next challenge!

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