The Q2 Factor

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The Q2 Factor

Leica is a German company - they are well organized and committed to their crafts and quality products, and also somewhat predictable. It is also a rather small company as far as the photographic industry is concerned. So the logic goes that in the adaptation of a new sensor - goes with the model that is more affordable to carry volume and more electronic-integration for optimization for such high-resolution sensor - as Q2 is presented.

Q2 will help build the fundamental volume of the new sensor which will be adopted by the SL system next and ultimately the "Messucher" M System.

Q and Q2 closely resemble the look and size of the M camera, so the camera carries the brand look of the classic - the flagship system of Leica and also makes it easy as a second camera to shoot side by side with M camera, as I do.

Q2 weights 734g is roughly equal to the combined weight of a Leica Summilux-M 28/1.4 ASPH (440g) and a Leica Summilux-M 35/1.4 ASPH (320g) - an excellent combination to complement the M camera with added 4K video as a bonus and costs much less. The 35mm crop would reduce the JPEG resolution but not effect DNG and will still produce equivalence of 30MP (6704X4472 pixels) file - still 25% more than the full resolution of the existing M10 cameras.

Leica Q2 and Leica M10-D + Apo-Summicron-M 50/2 ASPH

Leica Q2 and Leica M10 with Summilux-M 28/1.4 ASPH

The Q2 is roughly the size of a Leica M10 mounted with Summilux-M 28/1.4 ASPH. The Summilux 28/1.7 ASPH on Q2 is slightly bulkier and a tab shorter physically than the faster and pure mechanical Summilux-M 28/1.4 ASPH on M10.

Leica Q2 - battery and SD card slot

The new battery BP-SCL4 with a capacity of 1,860mAh has a CIPA rating of 370 exposures, but my own test suggests that it is probably good for 1,500 exposures - base on I shot 1,255 captures (107.74GB) on my SONY G SDHC 128G UHS-II card on Q2 in 28-30 degree C ambient temperature with 1/4 capacity remaining on single charge battery. I shot with AF and 90% on Aperture Priority, with auto-review turn-off.

A spare battery is always a better option although I assumed most users would find one cell plentily enough.

The new interface is simple and easy to navigate especially for users with digital backs experiences and of course, the existing Q user. The initial set up requires just a couple of minutes and switching modes or adjustments during shooting are easy and fast.

Some of the shots I took with Q2 o March 17, 2019, at Bangkok Railway Station, Thailand

All images shot on DNG processed with Capture One Pro 12

Sara Maricevic, Q2, 28mm 1/80s, f/1.7, ISO 100 Aperture Priority

Sara Maricevic, Q2, 28mm 1/30s, f/2.0, ISO 125 Aperture Priority

Sara Maricevic, Q2, 28mm 1/30s, f/2.5, ISO 160 Aperture Priority

Sara Maricevic, Q2, 28mm 1/30s, f/1.7, ISO 1250 Aperture Priority

cropped from last image - the out of focus rendering "Bokeh" character

Sara Maricevic, Q2, 28mm 1/15s, f/1.7, ISO 2000 Aperture Priority

Sara Maricevic with Q2, shot with Leica M10-D + APO-Summicron-M 50/2 ASPH. 1/60s, f/4.5, ISO 2000

Overall the Q2 is very comfortable to use, it is slightly heavier than the original Q on the specification sheet but I cannot feel much difference in actual use, however, the body feels more solid.

I don't usually test and certainly not interested to do so. Most cameras today are very good so my use of Q2 is to shoot whatever I like to shoot instead of purposely to shoot in a lot of scenarios to get to know the particular camera. I am interested in cameras as a design and engineering object as a designer, and I love photography so I use them.

AF is fast and quite accurate but if later Leica can add eye-tracking it would be even better for portraiture - wishful thinking - but Q2 is already very good. I did not further push the camera to see its performance on high ISO - again, I am not testing the camera so I am not interested to waste time to try it than shooting a proper portrait of the lovely German girl.

The new EVF is very good, sees better than my eye in the shadow area, totally dependable.

It is not a cheap camera but it is considered a very good bargain for what it is. I've never shot my Q1 in crop mode and so far not yet tried on Q2 - but knowing it can still deliver 30MP on setting (to JPEG) I might try it sometimes.

Regards, K

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