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Re: More agreement than not!

Thanks for your added comments, I think we share some views. Please see below...

commiebiker wrote:

I was using the Sony A7 (A7s and A7Rii) in addition to my Nikon DSLRs for a number of years, including experimenting with a whole range of older glass....the Nikkors that I had, plus Leica, Oly and whatever else struck my fancy.

None of the adapters I used were produced by Sony, they all came from 3rd parties. Even though Nikon has made this a little harder, I'm betting that we'll see a whole range of these out on the market soon

Right now, the Sony A's look like my best MILC option.

Eventually I bought into native glass (Zeis Batis) and the only old lenses and adapters I kept were the Nikons. Manually focus on mirrorless, with the ability to enlarge the view, focus peaking and zebra, is awesome. And note I'm talking here about true manual focus glass, not auto focus lenses with AF turned off

One hundred percent agree on this! The Nikon DSLR focus aids I've seen are atrocious, and I have no doubt that the MILC focus aids would be much better.

Also, Hurray for the delightful experience of MF on a true MF lens! Boo for nasty, wobbly, little focus rings and/or focus-by-wire on Plastic Fantastics.

I won't try and talk you into switching to Mirrorless, but for those of us who have been using them for awhile, I don't think anyone will head back to DSLR. If you get a chance to try one for an extended period, I highly recommend it

There seems to be a misunderstanding here. I want to go "FF" MILC, or I wouldn't care what Nikon's FTZ does or doesn't do. But with the Z's, Nikon has written off their AI/AI-S users. And if they don't want us, I don't want them. After 50 years, I'm ready to move on.

The Sony A's look very nice as they, and are now my leading candidates.

A Fantasy: If Sony offered an A body with traditional ergonomics (e.g., X-T3), my camera lust would go ballistic.

Happy shooting...

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