To Q or not to Q?

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To Q or not to Q?

I'm whiling away the hours as my name presumably moves up the pre-order list for a Q2 and this has resulted in some philosophical wanderings and musings.

I read with intrigue the announcement of the Q2; I'm not a Leica owner and the Q never caught my attention previously.  And I've never been captivated by the Leica mystique, thinking that finely designed and assembled technology plus exceptional marketing converged to make the brand what it has become.  But hey, a camera is a camera, it's not about the camera, the best camera is the one you have with you and blah blah blah.  I never gave it much more thought.

But then I walked into the Leica Boston store and handled one.  I put my SD card into it and shot an annoying (to him) series of portraits of the young man behind the counter.  How could a 28 (or cropped up) image be used for a portrait?  How could a single focal length camera be of any interest to me?  Especially one so pricey?

Then I fell into the rat hole.  Research, videos, reviews, images, history... marketing.  I posted here.  I started to understand it.  But the biggest thing was the images now in my LR catalog.   The JPGs seemed good - better than the reviewers say.  The RAWs gave me extreme latitude in pp.  I could bring detail out of blackness and I've not experienced that before.  But I also noticed the "look" thing.  I wondered: is this only "exceptional marketing" or is it something else?  Sharp and smooth all at the same time.  It's about the lens.  The bokeh, nice.  Portraits, fine.  Hmmm....

I told you I've been waxing philosophical.

Now my point... and question.

I'm thinking of moving over to the Q2 not as a supplement to my current fine Fujifilm system.  In that system, I shoot with primes that range from 18mm equivalent (an outstanding Zeiss optic) up to 120mm (the fantastic Fujifilm 80mm macro).  I have range, I have creative possibilities, I have versatility, I have a bag full of stuff.

But I'm on a minimalism kick, an "I'm done with gear lust forever (really)" craving.  I want to pare down.  To stop researching, shopping, buying.  I would like very much to be one of those "I know what I can and what I can't do" guys.  I won't shoot deep inside the slot canyon with a super wide, I won't capture a charging grizzly with a fast telephoto.  I'll be a 28m (and occasionally 35 or 50 cropped) guy.  That's it.  The camera goes where I go, my companion.

So, of all the reasons to jump into the Leica Q(2) realm, I wonder if anyone has gone down this path?  The minimalism path.  The only-one-fixed-lens-compact route?  If so, how has it gone?  Any advice for me?



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