Fuji 16mm 2.8 vs 18-55mm 2.8 at its widest

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Re: Fuji 16mm 2.8 vs 18-55mm 2.8 at its widest

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So i currently do travel photography and a bit of portraits while at it. I currently have the

xt3 & 35mm f2

I was thinking of adding the 18-55 to join my kit, but i just heard aout the 16mm 2.8 which is small and light. They are about thesame price considering the 16mm 2.8 brand new and the 18-55mm second hand. Are both thesame image quality when shot at 16 and 18 ? which would you recommend


For me it would be the 18-55. I had just the 18-55 and 35 F/1.4 for quite a while and they complement each other well especially for travel.

I've got the exact same duo, the 18-55mm and 35mm f1.4.

The zoom satisfies me in almost every situation EXCEPT when I need either stellar bokeh and/or low light capabilities, which the 35mm f1.4 offers in spades. Usually i'll be out with the zoom during the day and the 35mm at night.

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