HHHR EM1x some observations

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HHHR EM1x some observations

Over the past week or so a number of forum members have raised a few questions about the usefulness and operation of the Hand-Held-High-Resolution (HHHR) feature in the EM1x. While I am no expert and the manual is pretty thin regarding detailed explanations, I've made an observation I'll share in the hopes that others will do the same.

Here goes:

In HHHR mode, one can select either a 50MPx file or a 25MPx file jpeg output. he manual doesn't explain (at least I couldn't find it) why one would want to bother shooting a 25MPx HHHR and put up with the post imaging pause while the image is produced versus just taking a straight 20MPx single image?

I think the answer is high ISO noise reduction and fine detail retention. I own a Fuji X20 point and shoot. It has a "Pro Low Light" mode in which the camera takes 4 rapid fire images at high ISO and stacks them to render a low noise image even in very dim lighting conditions. The output file is the same MPx size as a single straight shot but noise is very low. I love this mode. With the EM1x, I wondered if the same "multi-shot" method was at play when engineering a 25MPx HHHR option.

Last night I took two snapshots in my family room with very dim lighting. I set the ISO to 3200. F-stop was 2.8, shutter speed was 1/10 second (it was dark so as to create noise).

Below is the full scene taken in a single shot:

Single shot mode, EM1x, regular 20MPx file, ISO 3200, F2.8, 1/10 sec exposure

Below is a crop of the lamp base on the mantel.

Close crop of above single shot image. Pretty noisy due to ISO 3200 and low light condition.

Below is a similar crop of the next image I took using the 25MPx HHHR mode also at ISO3200, F2.8 and 1/10 second exposure:

Crop of HHHR 25MPx mode at same settings, ISO3200, F2.8, 1/10 sec.

You can clearly see that the HHHR mode set at 25MPx yields an image with far less noise despite the high ISO but without the enormous file size of the 50MPx setting.

It would have been helpful if the manual could have explained that using the 25MPx setting is useful for high ISO noise reduction.

Anyway, I'll bet there are other benefits and drawbacks of the HHHR out there.  Feel free to post them on this thread.


Fujifilm X20
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