Fuji 16mm 2.8 vs 18-55mm 2.8 at its widest

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Re: Fuji 16mm 2.8 vs 18-55mm 2.8 at its widest

chrizzy wrote:


So i currently do travel photography and a bit of portraits while at it. I currently have the

xt3 & 35mm f2

I was thinking of adding the 18-55 to join my kit, but i just heard aout the 16mm 2.8 which is small and light. They are about thesame price considering the 16mm 2.8 brand new and the 18-55mm second hand. Are both thesame image quality when shot at 16 and 18 ? which would you recommend


The very first 16/2.8 primes are only now getting into owners hands.  It's too early to say how the 16/2.8 performs.  You'll have to wait a bit for the reviews and lab site tests.

The 18-55 is generally well regarded, though not everyone agrees - there seems to be some variability from sample to sample.  Mine is very usable.  It's not outstanding wide open and it's bettered by my primes at wide apertures.  It's very good indeed well stopped down (f5.6-11) and difficult to tell apart from the primes at those apertures.  (And it's better than my 18mm when stopped down.)

I don't think the two lenses are alternatives.  They're more complementary.  The 16mm is noticeably wider than 18mm, and of course it has zero performance at any other FL.  The zoom also offers OIS.  Very few Fuji primes offer OIS  - at the present time, it's only the 80mm and 200/2 that do.  Another WA lens that complements the 18-55 very well is the 14mm., which is also an excellent lens and perhaps a better step wider if you are going to get the zoom anyway..

Regards, Rod

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