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Re: Size and weight are not why I buy a camera.

T O Shooter wrote:

VBLondon wrote:

Second, there's an obvious logic to his "replaces 3 lenses in my kit". The 16-35 f4 is big and optically not brilliant, so there's a reason to complement that with a prime like the 20 1.8. It doesn't extend to 14mm, hence the 14mm prime. He also goes to explain why the filter kit makes the 14-28 impractical for him. Seems reasonable give his rock-climbing etc.

Of course, without independent testing, this is just an endorsement.

My point. And like snowmobiles, the business is getting filled with independent testing that really isn't. In 2019, if you can't get the image with pretty much any current gear, including the D3xxx, and D5xxx, the issue is not the gear.

So why do you need a D850?

If an attribute favours the D850, you treat it as a crushing advantage over the Zs, justifying your narrative that the Zs are failures, for paid shills or the deluded rich.

When an attribute favours the Z, it becomes irrelevant, any gear could take it.

He's not saying gear is an "issue" (the way you do when criticising the Zs). But this guy prefers a light Z7 and 14-30 to a heavier DSLR and larger/weaker lens like the 16-35 F. Of course he could get the image - self-evidently from his website. But why can't he legitimately prefer the ligher Z setup (he is, after all, climbing mountains). You presumably could get the image with AF tracking less good than the D850s, but you want/prefer the D850 - fair enough, sounds totally reasonable to me. But why do you treat preferences/wants different from your own as 'illegitimate'?

But it does illustrate a pro-Z point, for some users the Z lenses are likely to become a compelling reason to adopt the system,

Understated no doubt. It won't be the bodies at this point.

It is the bodies for some. The Z bodies are better suited to my preferences. Oddly enough, whilst I respect the Z lens system, and do like the f4 zooms, the primes are overkill for my preferences (ie. too big /slow as a result of optical perfection I don't particularly need, relative to F primes). But I like the bodies enough to be OK with the lenses.

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