Photo / video proposal for a tavern

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Photo / video proposal for a tavern

Hey team,

I'm in the running for a weird job with a local, big name tavern that recently rebranded itself but isn't doing as well as it hoped. They're changing their logo and looking to hire, essentially a photo/videographer and graphic designer in residence for one year. I've gone through multiple meetings with them, meeting different people every time. I've been in this business for a decade now, and have spent the last 4-5 years working in sports and entertainment. Working at a bar will be different, because this is basically a part-time freelance gig. I'm used to making budgets for freelance projects, but this place keeps calling me freelance, but the hiring process is a lot more like I'm being interviewed for a normal office job.

In my province, mandatory income is $15.00/hr. This is the service industry, and I'm being cautious about charging too much. I feel like I have to really cut my prices down for these guys for the advantage of having a semi-stable income, because the winter was tough, team.

So I gave you all very basic info, but I wanted input on my prices which are in Canadian. I normally charge a large day or half-day rate, just like most of you, I'd guess, but I changed it to hourly for the benefit of the tavern. And then reduced it a lot. I figured that shooting at a pub would actually be a really good networking opportunity, too, so I'm hoping relatively short-term price cuts overpower the long-term benefits. I also waived an insurance or gear fee for this long-term job.

If you have input or ideas, or have been in a similar space, let me know. This bar probably identifies as an Irish pub, but after it's rebrand a year or more ago, it is a little bit less so. It is one of the few major pub's or bars in it's district, which is heavily populated, and a residential community on the cusp of downtown, mostly for people who commute downtown. Because of the proximity and my cities recent revitalization, this tavern is loosing ground to downtown challengers.

I've listed a billion variables now, and maybe overshared. Sorry?


20 hours / week on-location shooting

- 20 hours x $30.00 / hour x 4 weeks (Travel, walk-around, setup, b-roll, photos and video, interviews, striking)

Video Editing - Essential post-production, rapid or same day edits

(Project-by-project basis, negotiable depending on scope and gear required)

Assistant Fee - $200.00 / half-day

Graphic Design - $100 / poster, negotiable depending on scope and size required

(These are basically the silly drink special things that are on the table in your pub. The 3x5's that show the daily drink specials, etc, as well as other major marketing, but mostly for table)

Photo Editing - $20 / hour x 11/2 - 2 hours per shoot x shoots / week (Batch edit, retouch important glamour photos)

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