A1000 Exposure Bracketing

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A1000 Exposure Bracketing

Since I now have a scheduled delivery date for my A1000, I thought I'd download and read its manual. In some circles, reading an equipment manual is considered heretical behavior, punishable by having one's epaulets ripped off in public and immediate cancellation of one's man card. Nevertheless, I did it anyway.

The content of the A1000's manual bears a strong similarity to those of my other Coolpix cameras...no surprise there.

My B700 and P1000 offer three (3) ways to deal with subjects that are backlit or is partially in bright light and partially in shadows - i.e., a High Dynamic Range (HDR) shots.

1. "Scene" mode, "Backlighting": Camera captures a series of images with different EV values and uses software in the camera to combine them into a single, composite JPG image (no RAW file) that contains the best parts of the exposures in the series.

2. In PSAM modes, "Active D-Lighting": This feature uses software in the camera to boost details in dark areas and reduce overexposure in bright areas to produce a single image (JPG and RAW file if you're shooting JPG+RAW). User can select Off, Low, Normal or High to determine the level of image processing.

3. PSAM modes, "Exposure Bracketing": User selects Off or an EV range. The camera takes several images (JPG and RAW file if you're shooting JPG+RAW) from the low to  high value of the range. The mid-point is whatever EV value you might have manually selected (default is 0). You can use any one of the images or merge them together using external HDR software.

I did, however, encounter a difference in the A1000's specs for Exposure Bracketing as shown in this picture. The A1000 allows you a choice of the number of shots, 3 or 5, whereas the B700 and P1000 only take 3 shots.

For some (many?) folks, this may not be a big deal. However, it does offer a couple of things not available from my current cameras: a wider choice of shots from which to select a single usable/desireable image or more images to be merged by an external HDR software program.

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