Need some help. Z6 with high speed sync and color balance

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Re: Need some help. Z6 with high speed sync and color balance

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I’ve been out shooting at dusk with my xplor 600 and using high speed sync so I can learn the technique. Fun but a little challenging.

I’ve been setting my color balance to kelvin 5600 because that’s what the flashes are supposed to be balanced to. I’ve noticed a saturated reddish color to my pics. Not bad but I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong. Possibly the exposure being off but I wondered if anybody has experience with this. I’d like to be proficient with it for sure.

Here’s a couple of pics

If you don't have access to a spectrophotometer or a color meter, try shooting a gray card. WB to that in post, and look at the numbers created.


The camera temps do not agree with color meters.

They do not, because they are approximations (cameras are non-Luther, and good color meters are close to the CIE curves). But they're a place to start. And if you have a spectro, you can sometime see indications of things that will trow the camera WB off.

Camera color temps don't perfectly agree with Lr WB to gray card, either.


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