Opinions on this tripod

Started Mar 21, 2019 | Discussions thread
Seedeich Senior Member • Posts: 2,988
Re: Opinions on this tripod

The Oben tripod, that you linked to, looks identical to the AOKA CMP163C.

The CMP163C is surprisingly stable for the size and weight, even the small ballhead.

It can securely support a D/00 with the 24-100mm lens pointing down along the slot in the head, not supported by the casing. This is quite impressive.

For such a heavy camera the small Arca Swiss plate, that comes with the tripod, is too small. It’s the bottom of the camera around the tripod mount, that wobbles and needs more support from a larger plate.

Of course you have to position the legs with some common sense to keep the tripod stable.

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