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Re: I see you have a Sony 90 macro...

Isabel Cutler wrote:

How is it possible that you get it to focus so close?


That’s a microscope objective, in this case a low power 4x planapo. High powered ones like 40x or 100x oil immersion objectives focus even closer, often almost touching the coverslip ,and requires skill in using otherwise the objective might break the glass slide.

Low power objectives like 4x can be used directly on a camera by means of a tube adapter. Usually macro lenses go down to 1:1 or 2:1 by means of extension tube(s). But using a microscope objective for exteme macro purposes requires a steady tripod system. As you may already know, some specialists even use higher powered 10X planapo objectives by means of a focus stacking system. Anything higher than 10x isn’t recommended, in my opinion, to be used directly in the camera, better on a compound microscope.

If using microscope objectives directly on the camera, be aware that there are two types, one is finite with mechanical tube length of 160mm as seen on the photo attached; the other in infinity type whereby you need to attach the objective on a zoom lens like a 80-200.

Note: Some objectives require compensating eyepieces to give best results in color corrections and field flatness. It does get a bit complicated.

This is finite 160mm corrected objective.

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