Is Adobe pricing itself out of the game?

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Re: Is Adobe pricing itself out of the game?

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But are THOSE the people this thread is really addressing? Aren't most of us just amateurs? No one can fault the logic of someone trying to earn a living in the graphic arts who decides an Adobe subscription makes economic sense for them.

But for most amateurs, like me, and I suspect, most of the participants in this thread, we have to weigh the value returned on the software against our skills, artistic sensibilities, and the overall costs associated with an Adobe subscription. For many of us, we decide Adobe simply does not make any sense.

There aren't any wrong answers, really, just choices.

Agree. I have always been mystified by folks who periodically spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars for cameras, lenses, printers, supplies, etc. are up in arms about $10 per month for Photoshop.

Dude, this is how budgeting literally works. One doesn't simply buy anything that isn't as expensive as the highest price thing one has. Every expense counts. Adobe makes more money, on average, by subscription from pre-existing users. Meaning it costs the average user more money than the old model.

Yes well, under the old model, the vast majority of users were not paying at all, so it does stand to reason that the average user is now paying more.

Slow down on the koolaid, bro, over hydration is a thing.

I’ll type slowly so you can keep up. Those who bought the product under the old model and who now subscribe, now pay more on average. That doesn’t even count new users, whatever they did before.

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