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MEDISN wrote:

golfhov wrote:

The real question is what '5+' stops actually means. For the CIPA test, its referred to 'bokeh amount', that is the 'bokeh amount' is the same as uncorrected shots with a shutter speed 5+ stops higher. One of the problems is it doesn't say that that 'bokeh amount' is acceptable.

We've agreed (now and in the past) on the real-world translation of these tests. It strikes me as strange that two cameras can be rated at 5-stops stabilization when one clearly achieves this with a frequency the other can only dream of.

many possible reasons. That the CIPA test needs improved. I have seen detailed explanations regarding the frequency of shake they use and type.

Another is that though the test is detailed perhaps the manufacturers know how to game it with certain lenses that help the test. Either due to weight, balance, best FL I don't know

FWIW myself nor DPR nor amny other people that have tested various IBIS systems would overall say

"one clearly achieves this with a frequency the other can only dream of."

I suppose I am not "other people". I can only relay my results from years of use across FF Sony and mFT as well as individual direct comparisons I've taken the time to report.

This is what we call anecdotes. I am not familiar r one second saying the individual giving the statement is "wrong".  Just the old YMMV.

IBIS Real-World Use: 4 MILC Cameras



I would say the best from 4/3 is definitely better . but outside of video I don't know that they have such an overwhelming lead.

2+ stops stabilization in stills may not be overwhelming to be honest. By the same token 2-stops total light gathering may not be overwhelming either. Different photographers, different needs, different priorities.

Different lenses, different expectations, etc. Oddly enough the UWA is where most of the claims come from and yet my own and DPRs testing don't put things very far apart there. Normal focal length a stop give or take depending. At the telephoto side 4/3 does seem to outperform. Here I probably wouldn't argue two stops

At UWA I haven't found them to be far apart at all. DPR seemed to concur

Can you show some examples at similar UWA focal lengths, same day, same scene?

Nope. I could circle back to random shots but nothing scientific. Therefore pointless

I would love to do multi-second handheld exposures with my Sony and 15mm Voigt. I am lucky to get 1/2s which is my personal best with Sony.

Somewhat where I fall too. Then again I couldn't match the 2-10sec claims that get thrown around here. Almost every example I have seen posted has been pretty soft. I don't know if that is part of it is that a lot of people here are ok with good enough since they are just happy to be free of a tripod or what.

I can circle back to links of the IBIS testing that DPR now features. Or a quick search will pull them up. Not as scientific as CIPA. Which out of curiousity I looked up and it seems the em1ii claims 5.5 while Sony claims 5. Both "up to" instead of a hard number. So there is a half stop already.

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