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Jefftan wrote:

APS-C sensor only 60% larger than MFT, more than compensate by 12mm f2 lems

epl9 and 12mm f2 may not fit in pocket but not much bigger

I'll bite, since I have used both Olympus with the 12mm and the GR and GR II for street photography.

The bottom line is that the image quality from the Ricoh is substantially better than from u4/3. This is true of both the sensor (when processing RAW) and the lens, which has astonishing sharpness. To put this in context, images taken with the older GR II shot wide open can easily go head to head with  a hyper-expensive full-frame Leica M10 and 28mm Summicron kit - despite the lower sensor resolution.

The GR is far more practical than a ILC for some applications, typically as a street camera or as an always-carried note taker. The size and weight are significantly better than any u4/3 or APSC system with changeable lenses.

The price that you pay, of course, is that the GR is a very specialised tool that does a small set of things astonishingly well. If that set does not match what you need then it is not the camera for you.

FWIW, I am still on the fence for the GR III. There is quite a steep price hike, the battery penalty and no really compelling improvements for what I use the camera for. But if/when my GR II dies I am glad that there will be a replacement available.

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