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Re: Less green photosites for the XT3

vivanchenko wrote:

tokumeino wrote:

In a recent thread (https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/62440821), I've learned this about gen IV :

Great for AF I suspect, but at the cost of entire lines without a green photosite.

This is promotional material from Fuji but since I'm not an AF maniac, I personally don't consider this as a positive move. 2MP for AF is quite a lot to me. There is no free lunch : the less surface dedicated to light collecting, the more noise.

Wow, this is revealing!

It looks like in general the x-trans IV sensors are more optimized for video (unimportant to me) rather than for photography.

Who needs -3 EV PDAF anyway? Shooting action in virtually complete darkness at something like 2" shutter speed?

I understand that the fourth-gen X-Trans has BSI architecture, so it's possible that the total area dedicated to receiving light is near-to or greater-than the predecessor despite the higher percentage of phasing-pixels.

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