Anybody come to or return to m4/3 after using Fuji?

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Re: Anybody come to or return to m4/3 after using Fuji?

Albert Valentino wrote:

Bisonbison wrote:

Albert Valentino wrote:

I shoot almost exclusively at ISO 200 and DxO takes care of any noise.

just to clarify your comment above. Are you seeing a lot of noise at ISO 200, which DXO is able to take care of?

No. But sometimes slight noise is visible in flat areas like the sky. The regular noise removal of DxO takes care of that automatically when I open the file. It it rare that I need to make any adjustments, especially since it analyzes the file and applies what it thinks is best.

How well does DXO work at higher ISOs? Say around 1600?

DxO has an option on the higher end version called Prime noise removal. This easily takes care of higher ISO noise concerns without killing detail. Since it it much more powerful that option takes a bit longer to process

Im asking seriously as I am considering adding a Mft to my kit. I currently use Fuji.

I shot fuji for four years using Photo Ninja with great results. However, for m43 the switch to DxO made a huge difference and essentially equalized formats. You see DxO uses lens profiles they develop along with their camera profiles. Many m43 lenses are optically superb but only after lens correction profiles are applied. PhotoNinja does not read lens profiles, but lets you create them. Adobe reads and applies profiles. DxO develops their own custom profiles which are superb. In general, DxO is one of fhe best raw converters for the m43 format. The later versions also have Nik tools for local adjustments.

Bottom line, if you move to m43 you need to give DxO labs a try to get the best the camera/lens can offer.

Thanks this really helps.

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