Leica Q2 Likely Minor Firmware Issue

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Leica Q2 Likely Minor Firmware Issue

The Leica Q2 has a BlackLevel of 512 which is a great improvement over several Leica models with BlackLevel of 0 that absolutely crush dark data.

But there is a gap in the black frame histograms that looks like a minor firmware issue.

Here is raw ISO 50 histogram data for the Leica Q2:

Columns are DN, R, Gr, Gb, and B channel counts

It looks like an issue with the centering of the data around BlackLevel (512).

This gap results in a higher standard deviation than it ought.

A quick "repair" is
1) To make the 512 row match the 508 row
2) Put the excess in row 511
3) Move all rows below row 511 toward 511 by one row

Here's a visual of that result:

Red: unadjusted / wrong
Blue: adjusted / "correct"

This isn't of any practical consequence; just something that shows up on close analysis.

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