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georgehudetz wrote:

Mark Sloe wrote:

Thanks for all your responses!

Just to be a bit more specific - I am not intereted in video at all. I mostly shoot landscapes, street and some macro. I use AF-C on a rare occasion, but in this regard I don't need to have the latest and greatest.

For the purpose of this thread, camera features are irrelevant. I simply want to compare output of the two sensors and processors behind them.

One thing to consider is that while IBIS is a "feature" and does not theoretically affect sensor output, it *will* affect the final output for low-light, hand-held shots (particularly with the 16-55) because in that situation your raw file will have less noise or a greater DOF, or both. In my experience with landscape photography this is particularly important for sunrise/sunset shots. Of course, if you are properly prepared you'll have a tripod but for myself that isn't always the case.

So, a practical consideration you may want to consider. I'm certainly very happy I went with the X-H1. I find IBIS to be very valuable from an IQ standpoint for landscape photography.

IBIS, more rugged body, ergonomy and the sensually soft shutter button are the reasons why I want X-H1 over X-T3. I spent almost 2 hours playing with both in a store (compliments to Fujifilm representative at Jessops in Birmingham for his patience and professionalism) to get the feel of both cameras and they are both great. I even did a brief test of IBIS with 16-55mm vs OIS with X-T3 + 18-55mm and there wasn't much difference, maybe a stop advantage for IBIS. Of course, IBIS works with all lenses and 16-55mm is more versatile and superior optical performer to 18-55mm at longer end for ca £300 more than X-T3 + 18-55mm, which I am willing to pay.

I was just wondering whether I am missing something regarding image quality, but it seems we are splitting hairs here.

Btw. stunning photos on your website, great job!

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