Is Adobe pricing itself out of the game?

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Re: Is Adobe pricing itself out of the game?

Pontoneer wrote:

Zabalint wrote:

But let's be honest, the type of people who don't want to pay just don't want to pay. Whether it's $60 or $600 they'll try to get around it.

I disagree. A lot of people pay if the price is not extremely high for them. For many of the hobbists Adobe subscription is extremely high, while one-time purchase wasn't.

No - you have that backwards : I began with using Adobe products , mainly Photoshop , at work . It was so expensive to buy I just couldn't afford to buy it myself for use at home - so I did what so many people did back then - Pirated it - there , I've admitted it . I didn't like doing it , but for so many people it was the only way - no elements back then .

I did eventually get legal , but only because my employers were very kind and GAVE me their outdated software after they had replaced it , a few of us benefitted from this and took it in turns to get the hand downs .

It was such a relief when the subscription version came out - a fully legal install at a very affordable monthly fee .

That's how most people see it ,

and the huge uptake , as shown in the graphs in previous posts , is proof of that .

It demonstrates the amount of new users and the overall greater amount of money Adobe make from existing users.

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