Ricoh GRIII - 1st impressions - go for it!

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Re: Ricoh GRIII - 1st impressions - go for it!

saltydogstudios wrote:

teemodk wrote:

Sal Baker wrote:

teemodk wrote:

sfa1966 wrote:

nawknai wrote:

Russell Dawkins wrote:

siberstorm27 wrote:

I've noticed a ton of aliasing in video. Also focus hunting. Any video settings that can fix the aliasing or reduce the hunting?

*queue bunch of idiots saying it's only for photography when they can't even figure out how a lens motor focuses

Did you mean "Quelle bunch of idiots"?

Best not to make spelling mistakes when being insulting!

LOL Wow, just incredible. Muphry’s Law in full effect! (And yes, ‘Muphry’ is spelled correctly).

I’m pretty sure he actually did mean ‘queue’, which is correct in most English-speaking countries.

Cue ...

Qué ...

A theatrical cue is the trigger for an action to be carried out at a specific time.ué


Thanks lol. I wasn't thinking this way but was simply having an association.
queue Quelle Cue Qué

A Queue is a bunch of people waiting in line for something.

While a theatrical Cue is probably more appropriate, I'm sure they have etymology.

People waiting to do something / a trigger for people to do something.

"What's the difference between a Queue and a Cue?"

"A Queue takes twice as long (to type)"

There’s always a pool cue....

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