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Re: Size and weight are not why I buy a camera.

T O Shooter wrote:

commiebiker wrote:

Here is a quote from Nikon Ambassador Ted Hesser, along with a link to one of his shots using the Z7 and new 14-30

“If I can only take one lens with me on a big mountain climb, the Nikkor Z 14-30 F/4 S is it,” Hesser tells PetaPixel. “As a rock climber and adventure photographer, I lean heavily on wide focal lengths where I can incorporate as much of the landscape as is possible to accentuate the size and scale of my subject matter.

“Having a rugged, small, lightweight and sharp f/4 zoom lens from 14 to 30mm is kind of a game changer for me. I used to shoot on a Nikon D850 with either a 16-35mm f/4 or a 20mm f/1.8 prime or a 14mm f/2.8. So right off the bat, this lens replaces three lenses in my kit.

It's about Nikon selling product and nothing more. You have a "Nikon Ambassador" ie salesman telling us that a 14-30 is so invaluable that if he only had to take one lens this would be it, it's a game changer, it replaces three lenses. Jeez, sign me up. How could I live without it?

Ted Hesser isn't a Nikon Ambassador, I think that was a misreading of the petapixel article here

The photos were captured by Nikon Ambassador Michelle Valberg in Chile and photographer Ted Hesser in Patagonia

Here are the Nikon USA ambassadors

Clearly there is some promotional element here. It's a Nikon sponsored shoot. Luckily many people here know something about photography, so can judge claims in an advertorial for themselves, without needing snowmobile comparisons.

First, Ted Hesser's work looks pretty spectacular to me.

Second, there's an obvious logic to his "replaces 3 lenses in my kit". The 16-35 f4 is big and optically not brilliant, so there's a reason to complement that with a prime like the 20 1.8. It doesn't extend to 14mm, hence the 14mm prime. He also goes to explain why the filter kit makes the 14-28 impractical for him. Seems reasonable give his rock-climbing etc.

Of course, without independent testing, this is just an endorsement. But it does illustrate a pro-Z point, for some users the Z lenses are likely to become a compelling reason to adopt the system, and the early indications are that the 14-30 will enhance that.

It seems plausible for me, that for someone who climbs up mountains and then shoots landscapes of them, a Z7 plus 14-30 is potentially a superior kit to a D850 and f-mount.

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