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Re: No support: Nikkor AI, AI-S, AF, AF-D

Thanks for your thoughts. Please see brief responses below...

commiebiker wrote:

I'm pretty sure they didn't do it just to pi$$ you off

Darn! I thought they were obsessed with me.

With the current adapter, there is full support for dozens of modern lenses,

True, if you're talking about AF-S and AF-P.

...and better than ever functionality for manual focus.

Nope, sorry, you're waaaay off base here! Stop-down viewing, stop-down metering, no exif data, etc., etc.

While there are some AF-D gems out there, many of those older lenses are not a great match for modern sensors.

My four Nikkor AF lenses are all quite good. But frankly, they were the first of Nikon's Plastic Fantastics, and I never fell in love with them.

I'm much more concerned about my ten or so AI and AI-S lenses. Their optics are good to great, their compact sizes are a blessing, they're gorgeous to look at and handle, and their build quality is fabulous.

I'd rather Nikon keep investing in the new Z lenses than in adapters to support the old lenses.

Nikon has a looooong way to go to catch up to Sony in lenses for mirrorless. So I wish them luck on that, and they will need investment.

However, very little investment would be needed to repackage the connections for older Nikkors. Said connections have been designed and on the market for more than a decade. So IMO, the lack of a backwards-compatible adapter has everything to do with planned obsolescence, and nothing to do with insufficient capital.

Nikon has been better than any camera company I can think of in supporting legacy products.

That is true, if we include their very admirable past. But to adapt the old saying, "What have you done for me lately, Nikon?"

At a certain point, you need to leave some of it behind.

Up until about 15 years ago, Nikon didn't think that way, and they left very little compatibility behind. But that was then, and now they're no better than average.

I work in software and remember how some customers whined when we decided to no longer support 5" floppies

There wasn't much to love about those 5" floppies, especially the single-sided ones.

But for those who enjoy mechanical/optical things, something like a late AI-S 105/2.5 Nikkor will be a joy forever. (No expiration date is stamped on those, and the performance of mine is spectacular!)

Those lenses you spoke of will continue to work on a whole range of DSLRs, so just keep one around and continue to enjoy them

There's a good chance I'll pick up a bargain D750, and do just that. But given the Z adapter fiasco, I'll be looking elsewhere for a complementary MILC system.

Happy shooting, OE

Old Ed wrote:

Come on, Nikon! Even at extra cost, you can't offer a Z adapter with lens support matching a D750 (1300 USD), or even a D7200 (700 USD)? Really?

This is simply planned obsolescence, and contempt for life-long Nikon customers like me.

Why wouldn't I switch to Sony, with their far larger native lens range, dual slots, etc.? To my knowledge, 'dumb' AI/AI-S adapters would work just as well on A bodies.

But it was a nice ride while it lasted, with many fond memories...


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