No "Z" Yet - What's Your Reason?

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Re: No "Z" Yet - What's Your Reason?

I think it comes down to what you shoot and how complex the AF requirements for what you shoot are. The advantage of the Z7 is you can skip the fine tuning, and if you're willing to take a slight penalty in speed, dial in the precise focusing to a small spot, and you're going to be good. However, I was clearly unimpressed at how it focused in what I would term "modelling light in studio" ambient light and found the Canon just was more "confident" in terms of locking on. I am frankly not sure I could trust a Z7 completely in the studio - where I absolutely can with the D850. For landscape - oh, no problem, I'd probably prefer a Z7, although again, I've gotten pretty reliable with my manual focus glass on the 850 so I'm not worried there.

They (Nikon) might improve things with the new firmware. I do think a potential buyer of the Z7 really has to be wary of the new-toy-in-forum-land syndrome, look past the hype, as well as looking past the haters who don't handle change well or whatever, and go out and rent/use/borrow/evaluate one - it's quite possible it will be the perfect, amazing camera for you, or it might be a horrible match that you don't like, or it might be like I found it - really nice in several respects, but failing in a few that were important enough to sway the balance to the D850 for my needs. I won't be in the cool kids club for buying an 850, but I know, given my work, I made the right choice. But who knows, Z8, Z9 or whatever, I might be all in!  I'm really just advocating careful, thought through purchasing decisions.


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