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Charles Hull wrote:

RLight wrote:

Charles Hull wrote:

The iPad itself shoots in H.265 (HEVC). Go to Settings, Camera, Formats and select "High Efficiency" (this is the default format). I'm not sure what models support this, but all newer iPads do. The iPhone is the same, all newer iPhones shoot H.265 by default. For either iPad or iPhone you can select "Most Compatible" which is H.264. You would use this if, for example, you wanted to export the video to your computer and it doesn't support H.265.

So yes, the iPad supports H.265. BUT I believe the iPad only supports 8 bit H.265, not 10 bit like the Fuji X-T3 has. Also the iPad doesn't support ProRes (the other high quality X-T3 format), which is a 10 bit format. So the iPad is pretty limited for high end video.

I believe most (newer) iPad do support 10 bit h.265 (x265), but like my Amazon 4K stick, only at certain profiles. You have to watch your vbv maxrate like a hawk for example on my stick. iPad is probably more forgiving in that area.

400mbps is a lot to ask though. That, is probably the culprit alone. Try 200mbps x265 first. Even 100mbps 10-bit x265 should be better than 200mbps 8-bit x264 btw, if it works.

Before I posted the 10 bit issue I tried a much lower mbps 10 bit h.265 clip on my new 12.9 inch iPad Pro, and it wouldn't play. This was the basis for saying the iPad does not support 10 bit h.265. be this right or wrong. I got this clip by converting a ProRes clip to 10 bit h.265 with Adobe Media Encoder, at 35mbps. A possible difference, this clip was HDR, so perhaps the HDR parameters choked the iPad, although I wouldn't expect this since QuickTime plays it okay (as flat video, not HDR). And, as mentioned, the iPad won't play ProRes which is 10 bit, and every other Apple computer, fast or slow, plays ProRes okay.

That implies you recoded it, which is what you’re supposed to do.

Out of camera video (from higher end cameras) is often meant to be edited and recompressed for consumption afterwards.

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