Anybody come to or return to m4/3 after using Fuji?

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Before you ask this question, it would HELP to differentiate between 2 Fujis!

  • Before (2018 XT-3) Fuji camera AF were Slow & Unreliable with horrible video. I would not recommend buying older XT1/XT2/XT20/X-H1 or A1/A2/A3/A5/XT-100
  • After (2018 XT-3) Fuji camera AF were Fast & Reliable with Stunning Video (even beating out Sony A7-III to win Cinema5d best video camera of 2018). Sadly, there are currently only 2 models with fast relaible AF: $1499 XT3 and $899 XT30

5 years ago, I choose M43 over Fuji because Fuji AF was too darn slow & unrelable. But today in 2019, I would heavily consider $899 Fuji X-T30 vs $899 Sony A6400. Currently, these 2 camera have the fastest mirrorless AF, and the most reliable AF tracking that glued to the face. Sony Real-time Tracking AF is amazing, as is Fuji's latest face detection.

That's just a game of leap-frog. No sooner do you change to the very latest update from one brand, than the brand you just left releases their latest tech and leap-frog's you.

Loser's game.

But that's not what's happening in the last few years. What seems to be happening is that m43rds is starting to be left behind. That EPL9 should have had the 20MP sensor by then, etc.

We'll see what happens next.

Choosing cameras based on the MP count is a mug's game, MP do not improve IQ, for example an old Nikon D3s at only 12mp still has better low light performance than many more modern cameras with 24mp or more. It never ceases to amaze me when I see people count that as a main factor.

So we could all use a 12mp m4/3 sensor then. Is that what you are saying I did and I'm not going back to it.

Is there something wrong with the 20mp m4/3 sensors. If not, then why not want one in a camera we want.

Megapixels might not matter to you, but lets not write everyone off. I crop every single shot I take. Megapixels are only one part of the sensor.

I'm pretty sure we all realise that When they increase the mp rate, it's been fairly obvious that other improvements come with it. Surely no one is silly enough not to know that.

So lets not jump to conclusions and think that people just want extra megapixels without other benefits to go with it. I certainly have my reasons for wanting it and I'm not stupid enough to not know why.


If you select your cameras based on mp count then you are more a gearhead than photographer.  Doesn't matter how much you can convince yourself otherwise.   And that's fine, you know what you want good for you. But if that's all you care about you're much better off looking outside of M43 tbh, as it's not going to rise above 20mp, and that 20mp is barely any better in any way to the 16mp one in my G80.   You can look up side by side comparisons - plenty on youtube.

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