Flash Transmitter - 5d MK IV w/430EXII

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Flash Transmitter - 5d MK IV w/430EXII

Hi Friends:

I just received, as a gift, a 430EX II. I understand that this only can be a slave to a Canon IR transmitter, or that it can be ON CAMERA.

I'm trying to get it OFF CAMERA. I was looking at Canon IRDA transmitters. Sure not going to spend that much $ on it.

Was looking at Godox and Yongnuo. Honestly, there's so many models, it's all so confusing.

So here's what I'm trying to do:

I'd like to be able to use the 430EXII off camera on a stand. I know I need a transmitter cause the 5d MK IV does not have one. I also know I *MAY* need a receiver, given that many systems are using 2.4ghz radio.

I also understand lots of the 3rd parties are proprietary (closed).

What I'm wondering is if there's a 3rd party flash transmitter that I could use on my 5D mark IV that would work with  my 430EXII today, whether I need a transmitter and new reciever that would work with the 430EXII.

What I want to do TOMORROW (down the road) is maybe setup a standard  3 light system where I would have to add two more lights.

So is there a transmitter that would work with my 430EXII, maybe a receiver if needed, but that would give me the option of adding (2) other speedlights down the road for a three light setup?

I am not a wealthy guy. Yes I have a 5D MK IV, but I had done a LOT of work on the side to save up for it.

What I'm hoping to find is an affordable transmitter that gives me a chance to put my 430exii off camera today for study and learning, and tomorrow add in another set of lights if I get the $ to do so.

Can anyone advise with specific models? The Godox and Yongnuo models are all so confusing, and I can't tell if any of them would even work with the 430EXII.

thank you in advance.

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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
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